Compatible mode and standard mode

In V100R006C01 and later versions, some boards use a new board model. To distinguish the new board model from the existing board model, the new board model is called the standard mode and the original one is called the compatible mode. For boards in standard mode, the NMS displays the service mapping paths of trails or physical ports only, and all ODU-layer service mapping paths are displayed on physical ports. In standard mode, you do not need to consider logical ports of boards during cross-connect configuration. Compared with compatible mode, standard mode involves fewer mapping path layers, facilitating configuration and reducing maintenance costs. For example, among logical boards created on the NMS, 53TDX (STND) is in standard mode while 53TDX is in compatible mode, and 53ND2 is in standard mode while 53ND2 (COMP) is in compatible mode.

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