Common issues about the OD system

For the first version of OD on NG WDM V100R007C00 (matching U2000 V100R006C02):
1. What are the differences in OPM/MCA performance reporting?
2. Why must the fiber connections be correct before the OD works?
3. How long does it take before the OSNR can be queried after the OD feature is configured for the first time or the NE is reset?
4. The OD function is forcibly enabled for a network that does not support the OD function, causing the MCA/OPM8 function to be abnormal and the original function unavailable. How to solve this problem?
5. Where can the length and type of optical fibers be configured? From the interface for creating logical fiber connections on the U2000 or other navigation paths?
1. When the OSNR detection fails, the OSNR in the OPM is an invalid value. The MCA OSNR performance value is compatible with the existing MCA board and is reported as ?600.
2. When the OD feature is started for the first time, or the network changes (such as dimension adjustment or dimension expansion), the OD connection relationship needs to be synchronized to the equipment through the NMS interface (OTU-MUX/DMUX does not need to be changed.)
3. 10 minutes.
4. You can run a Navigator command to resolve the problem. :emca-check-section-id:0, 0&0
5. The navigation path is on the Board Port-Advanced Attributes tab page. Notes: 1. The line-side fiber type and length configured on the FIU, DAS1, or RAU board at the receive end must be consistent with those of actual fibers. 2. If there is no RAU board at the receive end, configure the fiber type and length information on the FIU or DAS1 board. If there is RAU board at the receive end, configure the information on this RAU board.

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