Auto-negotiation function not configurable on the client side of the LOG board

For the LOG board on 1600G V100R003 and NMS version V200R003C01, the auto-negotiation cannot be enabled for all the client-side eight ports RX1/TX1 to RX8/TX8 on the NMS. You can set auto-negotiation for the ports LOG-1 (IN/OUT) ?2 to LOG-1 (IN/OUT) ?9 on the NMS. Why cannot the auto-negotiation function be enabled for the RX/TX ports on the client side?
The LOG board has eight client-side ports RXn/TXn (n = 1 to 8) and one WDM-side port IN/OUT. The LOG supports auto-negotiation only on the client side, and does not support auto-negotiation on the WDM side. However, the T2000 GUIs are developed according to the NE channel (2?9) interfaces. Therefore, the corresponding client-side channels are displayed as LOG-1 (IN/OUT) ?2 to LOG-1 (IN/OUT) ?9 on the NMS. Starting from NMS version V200R006C03 and NE software version, the client channels are displayed as RXn/TXn (n = 1 to 8). In this way, the client-side auto-negotiation function can be enabled on the NMS. However, to keep compatible with earlier versions, the LOG-1 (IN/OUT) ?2 to LOG-1 (IN/OUT) ?9 interface is retained on the NMS and displayed along with RX1/TX1 to RX8/TX8. In NMS V200R006C03 and NE software and their later versions, the client-side ports of the LOG board are displayed only as RX1/TX1 to RX8/TX8.
Root cause:
1. Configuring on the NMS:
The NE software version is, the LOG board software version is 1.21, and the NMS version is V200R003C01, the client-side auto-negotiation function is set for ports LOG-1 (IN/OUT) ?2 to LOG-1 (IN/OUT) ?9. That is, the client-side auto-negotiation function can be implemented on the client side.
2. Running commands to query or set the auto-negotiation function of the board:
a. Check whether auto-negotiation is allowed: :cfg-set-treatmode: bid, port, path; bid: slot ID ;port: optical port number; path: channel ID. If the operation succeeds, the result is returned in text format. TREAT-MODE: < slot ID. >< optical port number >< channel ID >< enable negotiation flag >
b. Set port auto-negotiation: :cfg-set-treatmode: bid, port, path, enable;
c. The configurations can be queried on the NMS after they are set.

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