Connecting multiple DCMs and OA boards

Question: Some remote ROADM sites require two or more DCM modules, which have significant attenuation. Two or more OA boards are needed. In this case, the connecting points of DCMs should be reasonable for the system to run normally.
Answer: The adjustable value is 11 dB. When DCMs F and A are connected to the TDC and RDC ports of the OAU board, the insertion loss between the two DCMs reaches 13.1 dB, resulting in insufficient OAU amplifying capability and low output optical power. The issue can be resolved by placing one DCM behind the OBU board, and the other between the TDC and RDC ports of the OAU board.
Root cause: When two or more DCMs are used, the attenuation should be considered, and the location of DCMs and OA boards should be arranged reasonably.
Suggestion and conclusion:

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