Enabling the 10GE WAN port properties of OSN 6800 on the NMS when interconnecting ME60 to NE5000E through a WDM link

Background: Due to service requirements on metro networks, ME60 must be interconnected with NE5000E though the 10GE WAN port. Service boards of NE5000E support only 10GE WAN port mode, whereas service boards of ME60 support 10GE LAN/WAN modes. When configuring WDM link channels of OSN 6800 on the NMS, only the 10GE LAN property is available, then how can the WAN property be enabled?
Version: V100R009
Networking: ME60---OSN 6800---NE5000E (10GE WDM link)
1. During the configuration of 10GE port properties of OSN 6800 on the NMS, the 10 GE LAN, STM-64, OC-192 port properties are available, but the WAN mode is not. 2. 10 GE LAN: Ethernet service, 10.31 Gbit/s rate; 10 GE WAN: Ethernet service, 9.95 Gbit/s rate. According to references, the analyses of 10GE WAN and STM-64 are the same.
1. During the configuration of 10GE WAN port property on OSN 6800, the configuration can be set to STM-64 (WDM port-Basic Properties-Service types of the TDX/TQX boards). 2. Configure the 10GE WAN mode in the 10GE port settings of ME60 using the command set transfer-mode wan. 3. Configure an address with a 30-bit mask and run the PING test on NE5000E/ME60, if no packet losses are detected, the issue is resolved.

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