Principles of choosing supervisory channels of NG WDM devices

Almost all OTU boards on NG WDM devices support ESC, but SC2 boards are also configured on live networks to support OSC. When both supervisory methods are available, certain principles to choose which to use should be followed.
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If both OSC and ESC are available between two NEs, the priority of DCC channels in use are as follows: 1. GCC12_1; GCC12_9; D4-D12; D1-D3; pilot-tone DCC2. 2. If the available DCC channels have the same bandwidth, follow the sequential orders that DCC channels were identified by the NE instead of the DCC channel ID in ascending order. Generally, this is related to the order of the boards going online, namely, the NE preferentially choose the DCC channel of the board that goes online first to deliver monitoring messages. Note: Some OTU boards such as L4G can also use D1 to D3 channels by modifying the service type to SDH at the WDM side.
Suggestion and conclusion:
The priority of ESC monitoring channels of NG WDM is higher than OSC. When both OSC and ESC are available, the supervisory messages are preferentially delivered through ESC.

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