Relationship between WDM code patterns and tunable wavelengths, and interconnection of boards using different code patterns

Four code patterns (NRZ, CRZ, DRZ, and ODB4) are used on WDM systems. What is the relationship between the code patterns and wavelength adjustability? Can systems using different code patterns be interconnected with each other? Answer:
1. DRZ and ODB code patterns use tunable wavelengths and do not use fixed wavelengths.
2. The CRZ code pattern uses only fixed wavelengths.
3. The NRZ code pattern can use fixed wavelengths or tunable wavelengths.
4. A system using the ODB code pattern cannot be interconnected with a system using the DRZ code pattern.
5. OTU boards can be interconnected between systems using DRZ and CRZ (or NRZ) code patterns, between systems using ODB and CRZ (or NRZ) code patterns, or between systems using CRZ and NRZ code patterns. At the transmit end, however, a special WDM module needs to be used, which is different from a common DWDM system. At the receive end, no special processing is required, and the receive module is the same as the receive module used on a common DWDM system.

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