Reason for VOADATA_MIS alarm reporting and VOA value downloading failure during OA board replacement

OA boards are equipped with EVOAs that support different minimum values ranging from 0.5 dB to 1.5 dB. For example, if the EVOA of an OAU board is set to 0.5 dB, after the board is faulty and is replaced by a board whose minimum EVOA value is 0.6 dB, the VOADATA_MIS alarm is reported, the VOA value fails to be downloaded, and the default value 21.5 dB is restored.
To avoid this, record the EVOA, gain, and output optical power values of the faulty board before board replacement. If the VOADATA_MIS alarm is reported during the replacement, manually adjust the EVOA and gain values of the new board to ensure that the output optical power of the new board is the same as that before the replacement. If the board does not report the VOADATA_MIS alarm, you do not need to adjust the board settings.

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