Command used to configure the TNF1OBU board on OSN 1800 to forcibly emit light

During the on-site deployment of OSN 1800, the TNF1OBU board is needed to forcibly emit wide-spectrum light to test the channel attenuation of the X40 board. However, the NE whose version is does not support the cfg-set-oaworkmode:bid,0xff,2,1,powerlock command.
The NE does not support the original working mode of the OBU board. Run the following command to reconfigure the working mode of the OBU board:
In the preceding command, para3:0 indicates the gain mode, 1 indicates the current mode, 2 indicates the power mode. The last four bits of the power mode are valid. The decimal number of 64 is 100, which indicates that the optical power of the light emitted forcibly is 10 dBm.

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