ECC communication overload

When the network is over-sized and the inter-NE ECC communication scale exceeds the limit for the NE processing capability, the ECC communication load becomes heavy or even the system control board may undergo frequent resets.
First, check the network scale. The network contains at most 100 NEs. When the network contains more than 100 NEs, you must divide the network into ECC subnets and set up DCN management channels for each subnet so that the ECC subnets are relatively independent.
Second, check the NE scale of each single site. When multiple devices are connected using the HUB (or inter-subrack cascading) and they communicate with each other using the extended ECC function of network ports, the maximum number of NEs (the sum of the server and clients) for extended ECC cannot be greater than 8. If the number exceeds 8, the NEs are likely to be reset. When the number is not greater than 4, extended ECC in auto mode or specified mode can be used. When the number is greater than 4 but less than 8, extended ECC in specified mode is recommended.

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