Thresholds and handling methods for the BEFFEC alarm reported by the LSC boards on OSN 8800

If the pre-FEC BER of a 100G LSC board at the local site is 4 and the BEFFEC alarm is reported, the processing method is as follows:
When the receive optical power of the IN port on the WDM side of the LSC board is normal (PIN: �?6 to 0), the receive light flatness at the local site needs to be adjusted. Ensure that the difference between the receive light flatness values of a 100G wavelength and a 10G wavelength is within 2 dB and decrease the attenuation of the optical port of the 100G wavelength on the transmit-end M40V board at the peer site by 1�? dB. Improve the receive optical power of the 100G wavelength at the local site compared with the receive optical power of other 10G wavelengths to reduce the pre-FEC BER and clear the BEFFEC alarm.

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