Cause for the R_LOS alarm during normal light receiving of the optical module on the LWX2 board

1. When an optical meter is used to measure the receive optical power of the optical module, the receive optical power is normal.
2. After the related optical power is replaced, the alarm persists.
3. When no scrambled optical signal is received on the client side, the light is white if light is forcibly emitted on the WDM side. When the WDM side does not receive any optical signal scrambled by the peer end, the light is also white if light is forcibly emitted on the client side. Based on the alarm detection mechanism, no valid information can be abstracted from white light. Therefore, an R_LOS alarm is reported.
4. When the client-side access rate of point A is changed to 622 Mbit/s and optical signals of SDH devices at the STM-4 rate level are received, the client-side R_LOS alarm is cleared on point A and the corresponding WDM-side R_LOS alarm on point B is cleared. When a hardware loopback is performed on the client side of point B, both the client-side R_LOS alarm on point B and the WDM-side R_LOS alarm on point A are cleared and the optical module fault is removed.

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