Methods used to set the suppression for OTN NE alarms and query the alarms using command lines

The query command is as follows: alm-cfg-get-monstate: alarm name, 0xff,0,0,''''
For example, by running the alm-cfg-get-monstate:R_LOS,0xff,0,0,''' command, you can query the states of all ports that can report the R_LOS alarm on an NE. The query result is enable or disable.
The setting command is as follows: :alm-cfg-set-monstate: alarm name, disable/enable,0xff,0,0,''''
For example, by running the alm-cfg-set-monstate: R_LOS,disable,0xff,0,0,'''' command, you can suppress all the NE ports that report the R_LOS alarm.

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