FD function license

The FD license is controlled by the U2000 using the OmniSight-T license control item. To apply for an FD license, ensure that the OmniSight-T license must be activated and loaded to the NMS.
OmniSight-T license: For U2000 V100R008 and later versions, some transport device management features are controlled using the OmniSight-T license. An OmniSight-T license can be considered a file that is formed by some special license items in the U2000 license file, and must be loaded to the U2000 together with the U2000 license. Similar to the U2000 license, an OmniSight-T license is classified into the commissioning license and commercial or temporary license. An OmniSight-T license has an independent version number (fixed at V100R001), which is irrelevant to the U2000 version number. During the U2000 upgrade, the R version upgrade fee of the OmniSight-T license does not need to be quoted.

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