IEEE 1588v2 function license

1. IEEE 1588v2 Function Licenses �?Basics
(1) License name: IEEE 1588v2 function fee
(2) License function: determines whether a subrack supports IEEE 1588v2 and time signal transmission. The sales unit is subrack.
(3) License applicable object: subrack
(4) License applicable object unit: Each subrack needs one corresponding license.
(5) License calculation method:
The number of licenses is deducted by 1 every time IEEE 1588v2 is enabled for a subrack.
(6) License BOM code: ( OSN 9800 is used as an example):
82600638 OptiX OTN Platform-IEEE1588v2 (U2000)
2. IEEE 1588v2 Function Licenses �?Usage
(1) Basic control principles:
After loading and activating IEEE 1588v2 function licenses on the NMS, you can query the corresponding license information on the NMS. Then you can enable or disable IEEE 1588v2 for a specific subrack and the NMS will deduct the license quantity or claim the license accordingly.
NE software enables or disables IEEE 1588v2 for a subrack after receiving a command for enabling or disabling the function from the NMS.
Example: If you purchase 10 IEEE 1588v2 function licenses, you can enable IEEE 1588v2 for 10 subracks at most on the NMS.

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