Functions and replacement precautions for the system control board in an OSN 6800 slave subrack

The SCC board in a slave subrack provides the following functions:
1. Communicates with the boards without software to control the working status of the boards.
2. Receives overhead signals from service boards by using RS485A or RS485B buses and processes the overhead signals.
3. Processes the overhead signals that are transmitted from the master subrack and delivers them to the service boards.
4. Detects whether each board in a subrack is online and uses the AUX board to report the status information to the system control board in the master subrack.
5. Provides two RS485 buses for urgent data transmission.
6. Provides required power supplies for the local board and provides 3.3 V centralized power supply backup for the entire OSN 6800 system. In addition, provides power supply backup for the boards whose maximum power consumption is less than 60 W. However, it provides power supply backup only for one board at a time.

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