Common causes for abnormal OSNR scanning results of the MCA board after the OD function is enabled

1. The fiber type and length of the FIU board are not set.
2. The optical performance monitoring function is not enabled for the MCA board.
3. The OMS trail is incomplete. When the OD function is enabled, ensure that the OMS trail is complete. If a logical fiber connection is deleted from the OMS trail after the OD function is enabled, the OD function will become abnormal. As a result, no OSNR is displayed for the MCA board. In this scenario, the logical fiber connection must be added again, the OMS trail must be searched out, and the OD function must be enabled.
4. The logical fiber connection of the MON port on the MCA board is falsely deleted.
5. The NE where the MCA board resides and the OTM site are not in the same ECC subnet.
6. The MCA board is in an early version. TN11MCA401 and TN11MCA801 do not support the OD function, and TN11MCA402 and TN11MCA802 also have requirements on the module firmware. If the firmware versions for the TN11MCA402 and TN11MCA802 boards are earlier than the earliest version supported, the firmware on these boards cannot be upgraded. You need to replace the TN11MCA402 and TN11MCA802 boards before using the OD function. You can run the :cfg-get-modverinfo:Bid command to query the module version.

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