Maximum number of slave subracks that the TN11SCC board on OSN 6800 supports during capacity expansion

No more than eight optical subracks, four electrical subracks, or eight optical and electrical subracks totally (no more than four electrical subracks). One OSN 8800 T32 subrack is equivalent to two OSN 6800 subracks.
1. The subrack quantity refers to the number of equivalent subracks. One OSN 6800 subrack is an equivalent subrack.
2. An electrical subrack is used to house cross-connect boards, OTU boards, tributary boards, line boards, and protection boards. For example, universal platform subracks and platform subracks are regarded as electrical subracks if they house only OTU boards (not in regeneration mode). Optical-electrical subracks are regarded as electrical subracks.
3. An optical subrack is used to house OADM boards, multiplexer boards, demultiplexer boards, optical amplifier boards, OSC boards, optical spectrum analyzer boards, regeneration boards, OLP boards (used in optical line protection), and OTU boards (in regeneration mode). For example, a subrack housing only protection boards is regarded as an optical subrack.

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