Resolving the cross-connection creation failure when THA boards exist in both non-convergence and convergence modes

1. Check whether the working mode of port 209 (ClientLP9/ClientLP9) where the cross-connection is created is ODU1 convergence mode.
2. Check whether the service type of port 209 (ClientLP9/ClientLP9)-2 is STM-1.
3. If the configuration of port 209(ClientLP9/ClientLP9) is correct, the source optical port may be faulty. When the following conditions are met:
Port 209(ClientLP9/ClientLP9) works in ODU1 convergence mode.
The other logical ports work in ODU0 non-convergence mode.
The client-side optical ports (RX/TX) and the logical ports (ClientLP) are in one-to-one mapping in the ODU0 non-convergence mode.

From the above analysis, the source optical port 13 (RX11/TX11) used for the cross-connection created by the user has been mapped with port 211 (ClientLP11/ClientLP11). Therefore, no more cross-connection can be created at another ClientLP port. To create a cross-connection from port 13 (RX11/TX11) to 209 (ClientLP9/ClientLP9), you need to set the working mode of port 211(ClientLP11/ClientLP11) to ODU1 convergence mode.

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