ASON trail quantity license

1. Basics for ASON trail quantity licenses
(1) License name: Fee of each WDM ASON service port
(2) License function: maximum number of supported ASON WDM trails (bidirectional)
(3) License applicable object: number of OTU board ports (rate specific)
(4) License model:
Four rates are supported, namely, �?2.5G, 2.5G�?0G, 40G, and 100G
Each OTU board port corresponds to one license.
(5) License calculation:
Maximum number of manageable ASON WDM trails (bidirectional) = Number of saleable licenses/2
For example, when a user purchase ten <2.5G licenses and twenty 40G licenses, the user can manage a maximum of five 2.5G LSPs and ten 40G LSPs on the NMS.
2. Query for ASON trail quantity licenses: On the U2000, choose Help > License Management > License Information.

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