Precautions for configuring services on ports of the tributary board 201LP on OptiX OSN 6800

1. The electrical-layer service grooming features of the TQM board determine the service configuration of the tributary board 201LP. For details, see the graph of the electrical-layer service grooming model on the TQM board in the attachment.
2. According to the graph of the electrical-layer service grooming model, after ANY-level service grooming, services can be cross-connected from the client-side TX/RX ports to channels LP1.1 to LP1.4. The services are integrated into the ODU1 on the encapsulation module. Then ODU1 grooming is implemented through the LP port and line board. The maximum rate supported by the TQM board is ODU1.
3. ANY-level channels LP1.1 to LP1.4 and ODU1 LP channels are collectively called 201LP/LP on the T2000, which causes misunderstanding. Therefore, the source optical channel ID must be set to 1 when ODU1 cross-connections are configured from 201LP/LP channels on the tributary board to the NS2 board.
4. Currently, the TDG TQM boards are involved in this situation.

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