OLP configuration method selection

1. Multiplexed signals enter the working and protection routes after being separated on the OLP board at the rear of the FIU board. This type of OLP protection is applicable to the scenarios where the optical cable of the working route is consistent with that of the protection route, and the line distance and attenuation are almost the same (which is called uniform route).
Configuration principles:
a. If multi-section protection is configured on lines, and the duration of each protection switching caused by a fiber cut must be shorter than 50 ms, verify that the residual dispersion in the system in different active and standby fiber combination scenarios meets the dispersion window requirements. For example, for the network shown in Figure 1, the following scenarios need to be verified: active 1 + active 2 + active 3, standby 1 + standby 2 + standby 3, active 1 + active 2 + standby 3, active 1 + standby

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