Gold service protection on ASON networks

1. Principles of gold services
Gold services use MS link resources. When a fiber cut occurs for the first time, MSP switching is triggered. If the MS protection switching fails, rerouting restoration protection will be triggered. Establishing a service will fail if no sufficient MS link is available. In addition, service establishment complies with the timeslot consistency principle. During MSP switching upon the first fiber cut, signals do not follow the actual path of a gold service. An MSP switching failure will trigger rerouting. During rerouting, MS links are preferentially used. If no such resource is available or MS links are insufficient, an unprotected link will be used to ensure that the service is not interrupted. In this case, the service is in degraded state. If the MSP link recovers, the service will not be automatically switched back to the MS link. The MS link will be used for the next rerouting if possible.
2. Features of gold services
MS links are used for establishing services, and service establishment complies with the timeslot consistency principle.
Static services that completely use MS links can be upgraded to gold services.
Static services that partially use MS links can be upgraded to gold services. After the upgrade, however, the protection status of the services is "Degrade".
Gold services can be downgraded to static services.
MSP switching is triggered upon the first fiber cut.
Rerouting restoration protection is triggered if MSP switching fails.
During rerouting, if links with consistent timeslots are unavailable, links with inconsistent timeslots are used; or if MSP links are unavailable, links without protection are used.
Lockout of rerouting is supported.
Service path optimization is supported.
Service names can be modified.
3. MSP types supported by gold services
1:1 linear MSP
Two-fiber bidirectional MSP ring
Four-fiber bidirectional MSP ring
4. Restrictions and limitations
During service creation, only loose cross-ring nodes can be specified. If a non-cross-ring node needs to be specified, the timeslot must be specified.
Gold services cannot be associated.
Failure nodes or links of the original trails cannot be excluded during rerouting.

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