Reset types in the Errorlog records of the system control boards on the OSN 9500

In OSN 9500 V100R001B01, the following information is displayed after the Errlog command is issued:
No.71: 2006-4-17 15:45:40 BOARD=47 TYPE=0xf0000004 SOFTTYPE=2
What does TYPE mean in the command output?
TYPE: reset type. The definitions are as follows:
#define VOS_RST_ERASE_FPGA 0x1 /*A reset clears the FPGA and triggers switching.*/
#define VOS_RST_ERASE_STRING 0x2 /*A reset clears records and triggers switching.*/
#define VOS_RST_COLD_BOOT 0x4 /*The board is powered on and switching is triggered.*/
#define VOS_RST_DOGRESET 0x10 /*Watchdog reset*/

#define VOS_RST_RECONLY 0x100 /*Only reset information is recorded but no reset is performed.*/
#define VOS_RST_SOFTDOGRESET 0x200 /*Software watchdog reset*/
#define VOS_RST_VALID 0xf0000000 /*A reset is successful.*/
SOFTTYPE: type of the reset software. Valid values are as follows:
2: NE software
3: board software

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