How to save configuration locally on an AR router

There are two methods to export configuration locally on an AR router: web NMS and command lines.

1. Web NMS (example):
Log in to the web NMS, and choose System Management > Upgrade and Maintenance > Restart Device. Click Export Configuration File to back up the current configuration file to a local PC.

2. Command lines (example):
Use the router as an FTP server, and enable the FTP service.  
Enable the FTP server on the router, and create an FTP user with the user name huawei and password Helloworld@6789. Authorize the user to access the directory sd1:.
<Huawei> system-view
[Huawei] ftp server enable
Info: Succeeded in starting the FTP server.
[Huawei] aaa
[Huawei-aaa] local-user huawei password irreversible-cipher Helloworld@6789
[Huawei-aaa] local-user huawei ftp-directory sd1:
[Huawei-aaa] local-user huawei service-type ftp
[Huawei-aaa] local-user huawei privilege level 15

Initiate an FTP connection from a maintenance PC to the router.  
On the PC, create an FTP connection to the router through the FTP client (for example, the IP address of the router is
C:\Documents and Setting\Administrator> ftp
Connected to
220 FTP service ready.
User ( huawei
331 Password required for huawei.
230 User logged in.

Set transmission parameters.  
After the FTP user passes the authentication, the FTP client displays the prompt "ftp>". Enter binary (binary transmission mode) under the prompt ftp>, and set a directory on the FTP client for storing uploaded files.
ftp> binary
200 Type set to I.
ftp> lcd c:\temp
Local directory now C:\temp.

Transmit the configuration file.  
On the PC, run the get command to download the configuration file to a locally specified directory, and name the file backup.cfg.
ftp> get sd1:/config.cfg backup.cfg

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