ECC bit error introduction and query methods

What are ECC bit errors?
There are two types of ECC bit errors: ECC bit errors on line boards and ECC bit errors on system control boards. The ECC bit errors on line boards are errors in the overheads of received SDH frames. You can query these bit errors from historical performance data. The ECC bit errors on system control boards are errors that are generated when the system control boards receive signals.
Run the cm-get-chanerror command for at least 30 times at an interval of 10 seconds. In the command output, the fields LG, NO, CR, AB, UN, and MRF indicate bit errors. If these fields increase continuously during the query, bit errors are generated; otherwise, no bit error is generated.
Suggestion and conclusion:
You can query ECC bit errors to determine whether the unreachability of an NE is caused by ECC bit errors.

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