QinQ protocol

QinQ is a visual name of the tunnel protocol based on 802.1Q encapsulation. The QinQ protocol aims at encapsulating the VLAN tags of user private networks into VLAN tags of a public network. Packets carrying two tags traverse the backbone networks of service providers, therefore providing simple Layer 2 VPN tunnels for users. The QinQ protocol is simple and easy to manage. It does not require signaling support and can be implemented only through static configurations. It is especially applicable to small-scale enterprise networks that use Layer 3 switches at the backbone or small-scale metro networks. The QinQ protocol provides each user with a unique public VLAN ID and encapsulates the private network VLAN tag of the user into the public VLAN ID. The user private network VLAN tag is shielded on the public network during transmission, therefore greatly saving VLAN ID resources for service providers.

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