Conditions for enabling IEEE 1588v2

To use the IEEE 1588v2 function on a BITS V3 device, PNSU or TODU boards must be configured in the master subrack. If the master subrack is fully configured with boards, you need to migrate the clock output service to the extended subrack first. Pay attention to the following configuration requirements:
1. You need to configure the PNSU boards to support output of IEEE 1588v2 clocks, but cannot configure 1:1 or 1+1 protection on the boards.
2. You must configure the PNSU boards in the master subrack.
3. You must configure a fan tray assembly in the master subrack.
4. You must configure a cabinet with a depth of 600 mm, for example, N63E-22.
5. The minimum version requirements for related software are as follows:
PNSU/TODU: 102 or later
MITU: 180 or later
SRCU: 138 or later
SYNLOCK centralized maintenance terminal: 3.30 (V300R002C20SPC030) or later
Remarks: Clock boards support time source query since the previous versions.

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