Differences between an NNI optical port and an isolated node

What is an NNI optical port and an isolated node? Can a non-transmission device be regarded as an isolated node?
The NNI optical port is used for communication with external networks. For example, if a Huawei device is interconnected with a device of another company, or a service traverses multiple subnets but the T2000 can manage only a part of the subnets, the T2000 only identifies that a service is transmitted out from a certain slot of an NE. In this case, you need to create an NNI optical port as an identifier. A TM without protection or an isolated node without optical fiber connections can be created as an NNI optical port. An NNI optical port is a logical system that does not belong to any protection subnet and has no protection TM. An isolated node is configured on the NE side but cannot form or has not yet formed a protection subnet with other nodes.

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