Different between EMS4 and EGS4 of NGSDH

1. EMS4
Provide 4*Ge service and 16*FEs service
connect with ETF8 provide 16*FEs service(eletrical port )
connect with EFF8 provide 16*FEs service(optical port )
connect with ETF8 and EFF8 provide 8*FEs service(eletrical port )+8*FEs service(optical port )
bundlewith: 16*VC-4 /48*VC-3/1008*VC-12
mode:support 1000M full duplex
connect and service 4*GE without interface card .
GE eletrical port : support auto negotiation ,1000M full duplex,100M full duplex,10M full duplex (Only N1EGS4 and N4EGS4 support GE eletrical port )
GE optical port : support auto negotiation ,1000M full duplex

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