Compatiblity of OSN serial cards

1.scc card:
a. ons7500 and osn3500 support N3GSCC,N4GSCC,N6GSCC
b. N2GSCC supported by OSN7500 only ,N1GSCC supported by osn3500
2. cross-connection card
ccn card between osn7500 and 3500 is not compatible . T serial card for 7500, N serial card for 3500
3. Intergrated controller card with cross-connection &controller & line :
a. Q5CXLLN&Q5CXLQ41 work for Optix OSN3500II , Optix OSN2500,Optix OSN1500A,Optix OSN1500B
b.Q6CXLLN &Q6CXLQ41 work for OptiX OSN 3500 II�?c. Q2CXL1,Q3CXL1,Q2CXL4,Q3CXL4,Q2CXL16,Q3CXL16 work for OptiX OSN 2500,OptiX OSN 1500A,OptiX OSN 1500B
d. R1CXLLN,R2CXLLN,R1CXLD41,R1CXLQ41,R2CXLQ41 work for OptiX OSN 1500A,OptiX OSN 1500B
4. line card tributary card and auxilary card partly compatible
5. OSN serial and METRO serial product ,osn9500 and osn9560 card doesn't compatible

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