Service types supported by an EMS2 board on an OSN 3500

Service types supported by an EMS2 board on an OSN 3500:
1. EPL services: port-based transparent transmission
2. EVPL services:
Port-shared EVPL services
VCTRUNK-shared EVPL services
VLAN tag–based isolation
MPLS label–based isolation
QinQ tag–based isolation
A maximum of 4096 link services
3. EPLAN services:
A maximum of 2000 blacklisted MAC address, 2000 static MAC addresses, and 2000 shared MAC addresses(The blacklist of an EMS2 board supports only destination MAC address verification but does not support source MAC address verification.)
Source MAC address self-learning (A MAC address table is 16 KB.)
Setting and query of the MAC address aging time and configurations of static MAC routes
Query of dynamic MAC addresses
A maximum of 16 VBs, with a maximum of 66 logical ports per VB
EPLAN services based on IEEE 802.1d MAC Bridge
4. EVPLAN services:
Data isolation based on VB+VLAN
A maximum of 4096 VLAN services that can be configured
EVPLAN services based on IEEE 802.1q Virtual Bridge

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