Metro3000 equipment EFT0 plate binding principles

1, veneer support VC12 and vc33 virtual cascade, bandwidth can be configured;
2, 8 MB Ethernet business can be loaded into a total of 12 vc33 empty container or nine vc33 and 63 VC12 combination of empty container;The upside to the bandwidth of the SDH is 622 m;
3, maximum eight VCTRUNK, namely VCTRUNK1 ~ VCTRUNK8.MAC port (ip1 - ip8) with VCTRUNK port (VCTRUNK1 - VCTRUNK8) is a one-to-one correspondence relationship;
4, each VCTRUNK can flexible configuration for 1 ~ 12 vc33 (suggested by the three vc33), or 1 ~ 63 VC12;If one of the VCTRUNK configured with 12 vc33, other VCTRUNK cannot configure vc33 again;If one of the VCTRUNK configuration 63 VC12, other VCTRUNK couldn't configuration VC12.
5, the same VCTRUNK cannot at the same time with vc33 and VC12 business;
6, veneer support vc33 and VC12 hybrid cascade mode, but with 1 ~ 10 ~ 12 vc33 cannot 63 VC12 configuration at the same time, that is to say, if you want to configure vc33 and VC12 composite group, so is the scope of vc33 configuration 1 ~ 9, VC12 configuration range is 1 ~ 63.

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