How to configure a binding table on a CE series switch

IP source guard (IPSG) enables a device to check IP packets against a binding table. Binding tables are classified into dynamic and static binding tables.
If user IP addresses are dynamically allocated through DHCP, configure the DHCP snooping function. If user IP addresses are statically configured, configure a static binding table manually.
1. For users who dynamically obtain IP addresses through DHCP:

<HUAWEI> system-view
[~HUAWEI] dhcp enable //Enable DHCP globally.
[*HUAWEI] dhcp snooping enable //Enable DHCP snooping globally.
[*HUAWEI] interface 10ge 1/0/1
[*HUAWEI-10GE1/0/1] dhcp snooping enable //Enable DHCP snooping on 10GE1/0/1.
[*HUAWEI-10GE1/0/1] dhcp snooping trusted //Configure 10GE1/0/1 as a trusted interface.
[*HUAWEI-10GE1/0/1] commit
2. For users who use static IP addresses:
<HUAWEI> system-view
[~HUAWEI] user-bind static ip-address mac-address 2-2-2 interface 10ge 1/0/1
[*HUAWEI] commit

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