Clear the password for console port login

You can use the two methods described on the right to clear the password for console port login. Method 1 is recommended.Method 1: Starting a Switch Through the BIOS Menu

After starting a switch through the BIOS menu, you can log in to the switch through the console port without entering the password only this time. The original console port login password is still saved in the configuration file.

1.Connect the PC to the console port of the switch and restart the switch.

When the following information is displayed, press Ctrl+B within 3 seconds and enter the BIOS password to access the BIOS main menu.

Select Modify console password and enter y. The switch will restart.

Press CTRL+B to enter BIOS menu: 1

Password: //The default BIOS password is

Info: The entered password is the same as the default one. You are advised to change the password to ensure security.

BIOS Menu (Version: 333)

1. Continue to boot

2. Update from serial interface

3. Update from ethernet interface

4. Modify startup parameters

5. File system

6. Modify stack parameters

7. Modify BIOS password

8. Modify console password

9. Restore factory defaults

10. Reboot

Enter your choice(1-10): 8

Caution: A new console password must be set after the restart.
Continue now? Yes(y) or No(n): y

2.When the following information is displayed, enter n, that is, do not set the password for logging in to the switch through the console port for the first time.

An initial password is required for the first login via the console.
Continue to set it? [Y/N]: n

Warning: There is a risk on the user-interface which you login through.

Please change the configuration of the user-interface as soon as possible.

Method 2: Configuring the Non-Authentication Mode

The non-authentication mode allows users to log in to the switch through the console port without authentication.

Because this mode has security risks, you are advised to configure AAA or password authentication to enhance device security.


[~HUAWEI] user-interface console 0

[~HUAWEI-ui-console0] authentication-mode none

[*HUAWEI-ui-console0] commit

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