How to change the default administrative domain on a CE series switch

If an administrator does not enter the domain name when logging in to a switch, the administrator is added to the global default administrative domain. If the system administrator has created a domain (for example, localuser) for user authentication, users must enter their user names with the domain name delimiter and domain name (for example, @localuser). This reduces operation efficiency.
To facilitate operation, the system administrator can run the default-domain admin command to specify the domain name first_domain as the name of the global default administrative domain. Users do not need to enter @localuser for login.
<HUAWEI> system-view
[~HUAWEI] aaa
[~HUAWEI-aaa] domain localuser
[*HUAWEI-aaa-domain-localuser] quit
[*HUAWEI-aaa] default-domain admin localuser
[*HUAWEI-aaa] commit

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