What should I do if the number of VRRP VRIDs on a CE switch is insufficient

The VRID range varies depending on different types of cards. The details are as follows:
- CE-L48XS-EA, CE-L24XS-EA, CE-L48XS-SA, CE-L24LQ-EA, CE-L48GS-EA, CE-L48GT-EA, CE-L48GS-EC, and CE-L48GT-EC: 1�?
- Other cards: 1�?55. Each VS in port group mode supports eight VRIDs, and all VSs in port mode support eight VRIDs.

The VRIDs on the same VLANIF interface cannot conflict with each other. Different VLANIF interfaces, however, can be bound to VRRP groups with the same VRID. You can configure the same VRID on different VLANIF interfaces to mitigate VRID shortage.

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