How to configure the timeout interval for VRRP packets

In a VRRP group, if the backup device does not receive VRRP packets from the master device within the timeout interval, it considers that the master device fails, and then become the master.

CE series switches do not support setting of the VRRP protocol packet timeout interval. The VRRP packet timeout interval is calculated as follows: (3*Advertisement_Interval) + Skew_time. Advertisement_Interval is the interval for sending VRRP protocol packets. The default value is 1s. Skew_Time = (256-Priority)/256 , whose value can be 0 or 1. You can run the vrrp vrid timer advertise command to change the interval for sending VRRP protocol packets to adjust the timeout interval.

After the configuration is complete, the TimerConfig field in the command output of the display vrrp verbose command shows the configured interval for sending VRRP protocol packets.
<HUAWEI> display vrrp verbose
Vlanif100 | Virtual Router 1
State             : Master
Virtual IP        :
Master IP         :
Send VRRP Packet To Subvlan : all
PriorityRun       : 120
PriorityConfig    : 120
MasterPriority    : 120
Preempt           : YES   Delay Time : 20 s   Remain : --
TimerRun          : 2 s
TimerConfig       : 2 s
Auth Type         : MD5   Auth Key : ******
Virtual MAC       : 0000-5e00-0101
Check TTL         : YES
Config Type       : Normal
Track BFD         : atob             Priority Reduced :20
BFD-session State : UP
Create Time       : 2014-10-07 15:43:42
Last Change Time  : 2014-10-07 15:44:03 

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