How can I configure the SNMPv3 user group and user name on a CE switch

Only SNMPv3 supports user group and user name configuration. By default, a CE switch has SNMPv3 enabled.

The user's security level must be higher than or equal to the security level of the user group. A security level can be (in descending order): 1. privacy: authentication and encryption
2. authentication: authentication without encryption
3. none: no authentication or encryption
If the user group is at the privacy level, the user must be at the privacy level. If the user group is at the authentication level, the user must be at the privacy or authentication level.
# Configure the user group group001, set the security level to privacy, and configure access control to restrict the access of NMS to the switch.
[~HUAWEI] snmp-agent group v3 group001 privacy write-view alliso acl 2001
[*HUAWEI] commit
# Set the user name to user001, authentication password to Authe@1234, and encryption password to Priva@1234.
[~HUAWEI] snmp-agent usm-user v3 user001 group group001
[*HUAWEI] snmp-agent usm-user v3 user001 authentication-mode sha
Please configure the authentication password (8-255)
Enter Password: //Enter the authentication password.
Confirm Password: //Confirm the authentication password.
[*HUAWEI] snmp-agent usm-user v3 user001 privacy-mode aes256
Please configure the privacy password (8-255)
Enter Password: //Enter the encryption password.
Confirm Password: //Confirm the encryption password.
[*HUAWEI] commit

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