How to view and modify the SNMP engine ID on a CE series switch

To view the local SNMP engine ID, run the display snmp-agent local-engineid command.
To set the local SNMP engine ID, run the snmp-agent local-engineid engineid command. An SNMP engine ID on a network must be unique.
The value of engineid is a hexadecimal string of 10�?4 characters. It consists of an enterprise ID and device information. If you want to manually set an SNMP engine ID, follow these rules:
1. The first four bytes are the vendor's private engine ID allocated by Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). The engine ID of Huawei devices is 2011 in decimal notation. The first binary digit has a fixed value 1. Therefore, the engine ID in hexadecimal format is 800007DB.
2. The device information is configured manually. You are advised to use the IP address or MAC address of the switch as device information to uniquely identify the switch.

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