How to configure sFlow agent and sFlow collector on a CE series switch

The Sampled Flow (sFlow) system involves an sFlow agent embedded in a Huawei switch and a remote sFlow collector. The sFlow agent obtains traffic statistics from an interface using sampling and encapsulates them into sFlow packets. The collector analyzes the sFlow packets received from the agent and displays traffic statistics in a report.

# Set the IP addresses of an sFlow agent and collector to and respectively, and set the sFlow packet sending mode to enhanced. Retain the default packet length 1400.
[~HUAWEI] sflow agent ip
[*HUAWEI] sflow collector 1 ip enhanced
[*HUAWEI] commit

1. The enhanced mode is supported by only CE12800 series switches. In V100R500C10 and V100R500C00, the enhanced mode is recommended when the collector is located on the network connected to a service port. In the enhanced mode, the switch sends sFlow packets to the collector through service cards. In V100R006C00 and later versions, you do not need to configure the enhanced mode. The switch will determine to send sFlow packets through the management port or service cards based on the routing information on the collector.
2. In the enhanced mode, the switch cannot send sFlow packets through the management port.

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