Possible causes for a failure to ping an IPv6 address

In V100R002 and later versions, the IPv6 address of a device fails to be pinged due to the following possible causes:
l. The physical state or protocol state of the interface is Down. You can run the display ipv6 interface interface-type interface-number command in any view to check the physical state and protocol state of an interface.
2. The switch fails to learn ND entries of the peer device. You can run the display ipv6 neighbors command in any view to check information about ND entries.
3. The link transmission delay is too long. The source device does not receive any Response packet from the destination device within the waiting time, and the ping operation fails. You can run the ping ipv6 -t timeout destination-ipv6-address command in any view to set “-t&rdquo to increase the timeout interval for waiting for Response packets.

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