Do CE series switches support high-voltage DC power supply

China's national standard for high-voltage DC power supply was released in December 2011 and took effect in February 2012. The standard defines power supply with 240 V DC (192 V to 288 V). The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) released the 380 V DC (260 V to 400 V) power supply standard, ETSI EN 300 132-3-1 V2.1.1, in February 2012. Because the two standards were released not long ago and define different voltage ranges, power supply manufacturers have not released power supply products complying with the high-voltage DC power supply standards. All the manufacturers use AC power modules in 240 V DC power supply scenarios.
AC chassis modules on CE series switches can work in a certain high-voltage DC voltage range. For security purpose, power modules of the switches provide overvoltage protection function and will cut off power supply when the input voltage exceeds the upper limit. The voltage protection function prevents damage to power modules or other dangers caused by abnormal input voltage. The voltage upper limit triggering overvoltage protection is larger than the maximum input voltage allowed by a power module.
The 240 V DC input standard has higher requirements for power module protection components and secure distance than the 220 V AC input standard. Currently, AC power modules can work with 240 V DC power input.

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