Why are fans on a CE12800 series switch running at full speed

The following situations may cause full-speed running of fans on a CE12800 series switch:

1. The cards in a zone overheat, and fans in this zone must run at full speed to lower card temperature.
2. Some cards in a zone have all temperature sensors failed and card temperature cannot be obtained.
3. Management channels in a zone are interrupted, so the system cannot obtain card temperature in this zone.
4. The management channels of some fans are interrupted, so the speed of these fans cannot be adjusted based on real-time card temperature.
5. If any of the preceding situations occurs in a zone, fans in the adjacent zones with running cards also run at full speed.
6. Fans also run at full speed when you set the fan speed to the highest using the set fan-speed command.
You can see alarm messages on the network management system in situations 1 to 5.

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