Can the lower enclosure frame of a CE12800 series switch be removed

Removing the lower enclosure frame is not recommended.

If the following conditions occur during installation of a CE12800 series switch, you can remove the lower enclosure frame:
- If the chassis cannot be moved into the cabinet with the lower enclosure frame on the chassis, remove the lower enclosure frame before placing the chassis into the cabinet.
After 2/3 of the chassis is in the cabinet, install the lower enclosure frame back to the chassis (for installing the air filter door), and then move the chassis completely in the cabinet.
- If the cabinet is not deep enough for the switch, determine whether the distance between the front mounting rails and the front door meets the switch installation requirement. If the front door cannot be closed after the switch is installed in the cabinet, remove the lower enclosure frame from the chassis.
If the lower enclosure frame is removed due to the small cabinet depth, the chassis header and cable management frames cannot be installed either. Without cable management frames, cables cannot be properly routed. This may affect normal service operations. Therefore, use a qualified cabinet for the CE12800 series switches.

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