Do the CE series switches support overtemperature protection

The CE series switches support overtemperature protection. This function is implemented using the following mechanisms:

Card software monitoring:

Temperature sensors of cards monitor temperature of key chips and report the temperature data to the CMU. The CMU monitors card temperature and fan speeds in corresponding zones. Once the temperature of a card exceeds the fatal temperature threshold and the fan speed in the corresponding zone is abnormal, the monitoring system powers off the card forcibly. When the card temperature restores to the normal range, the monitoring system powers on the card.

Card hardware design:

Cards of CE series switches have temperature-sensitive hardware components to monitor real-time temperature in high-temperature zones. Once the temperature of a card exceeds the specified threshold, the card hardware shuts down power output so that the card temperature can drop to the normal range.

The CE12800 series switches support both two protection mechanisms, whereas the CE8800&CE7800&CE6800&CE5800 series switches support only the first protection mechanism.

All temperature alarm thresholds are set by thermal design engineers based on device running status monitoring results, and alarm thresholds of different device models vary slightly. The hardware alarm threshold for a device is higher than its software alarm threshold.

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