What precautions should be taken when 1-to-4 optical jumpers are connected to ODFs

If 1-to-4 optical jumpers are routed to optical distribution frames (ODFs) and connected to four 10GE multimode optical fibers to transmit data over a certain distance, pay attention to the following points:

- Determine the fiber connector type (LC/FC) supported by the ODF and select appropriate optical jumpers for the supported connector type.
- Optical jumpers from the switches at both ends must be connected to the ODF at the same sequence.
- Each pair of TX and RX optical fibers must be cross-connected on the ODF to ensure normal transmission between the optical modules at both ends.

ODFs rarely support MPO optical jumpers. If the two switches are not far from each other, it is recommended that they be directly connected using MPO-MPO optical fibers.

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