How can I configure reserved VLANs on a CE switch

Reserved VLANs are the bearer channels for the internal control plane of switches and user service data of some features. By default, VLANs 4064 to 4094 are reserved.
You can adjust the range of reserved VLANs by running the vlan reserved vlan-id command in the system view. When vlan-id is configured, the VLANs from vlan-id to vlan-id + 30 are set to reserved VLANs.
For example, set the reserved VLAN ID range to 1000 to 1030.
[~HUAWEI] vlan reserved 1000
[*HUAWEI] commit //After the configuration is committed, restart the switch to validate the configuration.
VLANs in use cannot be configured as reserved VLANs.
You can only adjust the range of reserved VLANs, but cannot delete them.
If reserved VLANs conflict with common VLANs, the range of reserved VLANs cannot be used to create common VLANs.
The reserved VLANs will not take effect until the switch restarts. The original reserved VLANs are used as common VLANs.

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