How can I configure LACP priority on CE switches

LACP priorities include system and interface priorities.
1. The system priority determines the Actor and Partner. The device with a higher system priority functions as the Actor and the active interfaces are selected based on the Actor.
2. The interface priority determines selection of active interfaces. The interfaces with a higher priority are selected as active interfaces.
A smaller value indicates a higher priority.
# Configure the LACP system priority.
[~HUAWEI] lacp priority 10
[*HUAWEI] commit# # Configure the LACP priority for 10GE1/0/1.
[~HUAWEI] interface eth-trunk 1
[*HUAWEI-Eth-Trunk1] trunkport 10ge 1/0/1
[*HUAWEI-Eth-Trunk1] mode lacp-static //Before configuring the interface priority, ensure that the interface has been added to an Eth-Trunk in LACP mode.
[*HUAWEI-Eth-Trunk1] quit
[*HUAWEI] interface 10ge 1/0/1
[*HUAWEI-10GE1/0/1] lacp priority 1
[*HUAWEI-10GE1/0/1] commit

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