How do I restore the BootROM login password of an AR if I forget it

The method is as follows:
You can log in to an AR through the console port to reset the BootROM login password.
1. Log in to the AR through the console port.
2. Restore the default password.
[Huawei] diagnose
[Huawei-diagnose] restore boot-password
Info: Restore boot password success!
[Huawei-diagnose] return
3. Run the reboot command in the user view to restart the AR.
4. When the message "Press Ctrl+B to break auto startup ..." is displayed, press Ctrl+B and enter the default password ("huawei" for V200R003C01 and earlier versions, and "Admin@huawei" for V200R005C00 and later versions) to enter the BootROM main menu.
5. Choose Password Manager > Modify the menu password from the BootROM main menu and change the password as prompted.
6. Choose Return > Default Startup from the BootROM main menu.

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